Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
OSyncAnchorOSyncAnchor struct
OSyncArchiveRepresent a Archive object
OSyncCapabilitiesRepresent a Capabilities object
OSyncCapabilitiesObjTypeRepresent a CapabilitiesObjType object
OSyncCapabilityRepresents a Capability object
OSyncChangeA change object
OSyncChangeUpdateStruct for the change status callback
OSyncCustomFilterRepresents a custom filter that can be used to call hooks
OSyncDataA data object
OSyncDBA OSyncDB object
OSyncEngineUpdateStruct for the engine status callback
OSyncErrorRepresent an error
OSyncFilterRepresents a filter to filter changes
OSyncFormatConverterRepresent a converter from one format to another
OSyncFormatConverterPathShortest conversion path between formats
OSyncFormatConverterTreeSearch tree for format converters
OSyncFormatEnvThe environment used for conversions
OSyncGroupRepresent a group of members that should be synchronized
OSyncGroupEnvRepresent a environment of groups that should be synchronized
OSyncHashTableRepresent a hashtable which can be used to check if changes have been modifed or deleted
OSyncMappingEntry list of Mappings
OSyncMappingEntryA Mapping Entry
OSyncMappingTableList of Mappings
OSyncMappingUpdateStruct for the mapping status callback
OSyncMarshalA OSyncMarshal object
OSyncMemberA member of a group which represent a single device
OSyncMemberUpdateStruct for the member status callback
OSyncMessageA OSyncMessage
OSyncModuleRepresent a synchronzation plugin
OSyncObjFormatRepresent a format for a object type
OSyncObjFormatSinkRepresent a sink for a object format
OSyncPendingMessagePending Message object
OSyncPluginAdvancedOptionGives information about advanced plugin options
OSyncPluginAuthenticationGives information about required authentication settings
OSyncPluginConfigGives information about the plugin configuration
OSyncPluginConnectionGives information about the current connection type
OSyncPluginConnectionTypeStringOSyncPluginConnectionType String Map
OSyncPluginLocalizationGives information about current localization settings
OSyncPluginResourceGives information about resource
OSyncQueueRepresents a Queue which can be used to receive messages
OSyncSinkEngineOSyncSinkEngine struct members
OSyncThreadRepresents a Thread
OSyncTimeoutInfoTimeout object
OSyncUpdaterRepresents an OpenSync Updater
OSyncUpdaterStatusRepresents the status of an update
OSyncXMLFieldRepresent a XMLField object
OSyncXMLFieldListRepresent a XMLFieldList object
OSyncXMLFormatRepresent a XMLFormat object
OSyncXMLFormatSchemaRepresents a Schema object

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