OSyncMessage Struct Reference
[OpenSync Message Internals]

A OSyncMessage. More...

#include <opensync_message_internals.h>

Data Fields

gint refCount
OSyncMessageCommand cmd
long long int id
OSyncMessageHandler callback
gpointer user_data
osync_bool is_answered
GByteArray * buffer
int buffer_read_pos

Detailed Description

A OSyncMessage.

Definition at line 35 of file opensync_message_internals.h.

Field Documentation

long long int OSyncMessage::id

Where should the reply be received?

Definition at line 42 of file opensync_message_internals.h.

Referenced by osync_message_get_handler(), and osync_message_set_handler().

The user data

Definition at line 44 of file opensync_message_internals.h.

Referenced by osync_message_get_handler_data(), and osync_message_set_handler().

The timeout associated with this message If this message has already been answered

Definition at line 48 of file opensync_message_internals.h.

Referenced by osync_message_is_answered(), and osync_message_set_answered().

GByteArray* OSyncMessage::buffer

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