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#953 [NEEDINFO] Introduce objtype "calendar" and object formats "vcalendar"/"icalendar" (was: OSyncPluginResource handled mixed-objtype resources) new task high
#202 vformat: kdepim-plugin should synchronize journal entries new cstender enhancement normal
#359 Don't tolerated malformed vcards (was: Malformed(?) VCARD causes hang) new dgollub defect normal
#916 kdepim-sync plugin additional settings new cstender enhancement normal
#1055 vformat expects data to be null-terminated new cstender defect normal
#1186 All vformat tests are failing new cstender defect normal Plugin Format: vformat 0.40
#1171 [PATCH] vformat to compile on Windows new henrik enhancement low Plugin Format: vformat 0.40
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