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#1053 Encoding/Conversion fails when non-ASCII characters are used in any field of contacts, todos or events new dgollub defect high
#815 OpenSync does not check plugin format capabilities new dgollub task normal OpenSync 0.40
#968 osync_format_env_detect_objformat_full detects xmlformat-event-doc as xmlformat-contact-doc new dgollub defect normal OpenSync 0.40
#1033 Use read() sync-plugin call to get entire-entry when merging to avoid redundancy new dgollub enhancement normal
#1095 inpsize = 0 with format plugins new dgollub defect normal
#1174 segfault in destroy_file caused by osync_objformat_destroy in osync_converter_invoke new dgollub defect normal OpenSync 0.40
#1269 osync_format_env_find_path_formats_with_detectors triggering LOTS of conversions new dgollub defect normal OpenSync 0.40
#1442 osync_converter_invoke: XMLFormat validation failed. new dgollub defect normal
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