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#618 evo2-sync had an error while connecting: Unable to open anything new dfriedrich defect highest
#503 Nokia 9500 _lots_ of errors during sync, maybe a bug or incompatibility new abauer defect high
#1264 evo2 plugin X-EVOLUTION-FILE-AS new tuju defect high OpenSync 0.40
#434 evolution2 plugin hangs assigned pmarat defect normal
#459 Broken Pipe (OpenSync 0.21, Evolution 2, Nokia N73) assigned pmarat defect normal
#483 Evolution doesn't sync anymore (due to a calendar error) new abauer defect normal
#510 evo2-sync fails with MS exchange new abauer defect normal
#707 0.22 evolution2 plugin does not build with GNOME 2.22 new dfriedrich defect normal
#764 Add capabilities support for evo2-sync new dfriedrich task normal
#876 birthday sync new dfriedrich defect normal
#891 rename plugin evo2-sync to 'evolution' new dfriedrich defect normal
#902 evolution2 plugin did not compile new tuju defect normal
#1080 segfault in evo2-sync new tuju defect normal
#1101 Nokia E71 won't sync Evolution Mail recurrences new tuju defect normal
#1220 Supplement to ticket #1218: timezone also lost when syncing Palm <-> Evolution new tuju defect normal
#1221 Loses mapping on slow sync new tuju defect normal
#130 Sync all evo calendars at once assigned abauer enhancement low
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