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#338 telephone numbers with spaces or dashes in them are considered different than the numbers without new defect normal
#401 Syncronisation between KDE-PIM plugin and gnokii-plugin fails by many new contacts assigned pmarat defect normal
#524 Unable so sync Nokia 6300 with evolution neither syncml over obex nor gnokii new dgollub defect normal
#540 [PATCH] gnokii-sync make fails new pkot defect normal
#619 osync_hashtable_assert_loaded: Hashtable not loaded yet new dgollub defect normal
#845 Schemas validity error : Element 'connection': Expected is one of (AdvancedOptions, Authentication, Connection, .. new dgollub defect normal
#859 gnokii-sync plugin, new dgollub defect normal
#867 gnokii: plugin fails on 64bit new dgollub defect normal
#760 Add capabilities support for gnokii-sync new dgollub task low
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