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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#208 kdepim should allow control over which resources are synchronised assigned abauer enhancement low
#449 Broken Pipe - Plugin: kdepim assigned pmarat defect highest
#468 kdepim and nokia 9300 duplicate all entrys new ehabkost task normal
#737 failed sync when standard resource of kdepim is an dimap account (groupware) new ehabkost defect high
#743 KDEPIM4 new ehabkost enhancement high
#765 Add capabilities support for kdepim-sync new tokoe task normal
#792 Finalize the kdepim-plugin porting for changed trunk new tokoe task normal
#899 Failing to sync calendar, deleting calendar on phone during next run new tokoe defect normal
#1218 Loosing timezone information when synching Palm <-> KDE new tokoe defect normal
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