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#896 Add option --listtypes new dgollub defect low
#716 ERROR libopensync-0.22/./opensync/opensync_plugin.c: line 457 new dgollub defect normal
#630 RFE: error messages are written to stdout not to stderr new dgollub enhancement normal
#881 [TRIVIAL] Duplicate resolution question could be more preceise new dgollub enhancement low
#1043 [TRIVIAL] make synchronization forecast (aka. multiply summary) more user friendly new bricks enhancement normal
#579 msync hangs after sync Ubunto 7.10 gutsy Evolution with Nokia N73 new abauer defect high
#1046 osynctool does not allow configuring member if config is bad new dgollub defect normal
#701 osynctool stalls if opensync couldn't find the osplugin new dgollub defect normal
#798 print errors on the osynctool's STDERR instead of only showing them in the traces new dgollub enhancement normal
#818 print fields of OSyncPluginConfig. new dgollub task normal
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