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Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Type Priority
#173 Add support for perl plugins plugin perl new enhancement low
#376 Groupdav sync port from the multisync plugin wanted. groupdav plugin new abauer enhancement normal
#639 [DEPENS] moto-sync scrambles event descriptions and locations moto-sync motorola encoding utf16 assigned andrewb defect normal
#893 Windows Port of OpenSync Windows new friedrich.beckmann enhancement normal
#963 Port to 0.3x API ldap-sync plugin new tuju defect lowest
#1044 engine_init fails randomly on mac os x engine_init thread mac os x new dgollub defect normal
#1053 Encoding/Conversion fails when non-ASCII characters are used in any field of contacts, todos or events encoding, conversion, synce new dgollub defect high
#1103 [PATCH] Format "memo": ERROR: Unable to find conversion path memo, Unable to find conversion path new bricks defect normal
#1177 libopensync-plugin-vformat-0.39 does not build on FreeBSD-7.2 iconv.h not found on FreeBSD-7.2, because it is in /usr/local/include/ new bricks defect normal
#1203 Do not add "AND NOT PKG_CONFIG_FOUND" in cmake modules cmake modules and pkg-config in cross-compiling scenarios new bricks defect normal
#1266 Non xml chars break plugin_config in Resource tag Name osync_plugin_resource_set_name, non-xml new dgollub defect normal
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