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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#78 Implement a hashing function for get_info information assigned enhancement lowest OpenSync
#130 Sync all evo calendars at once assigned enhancement low Plugin: evolution
#137 Please, enhace the file plugin to use ssh and ftp assigned enhancement low Plugin: file
#208 kdepim should allow control over which resources are synchronised assigned enhancement low Plugin: kdepim
#251 feature request: Plaxo plugin assigned enhancement normal Plugin: others
#376 Groupdav sync port from the multisync plugin wanted. new enhancement normal Plugin: others
#423 Palm device times out during long sync new defect normal Plugin: palm
#482 Gammu plugin new enhancement normal Plugin: others
#483 Evolution doesn't sync anymore (due to a calendar error) new defect normal Plugin: evolution
#484 [PATCH] patch for plugin-sunbird-022 to support multi-line ical fields new defect normal Plugin: mozilla
#493 Add support for backing up entire device new enhancement lowest Plugin: palm
#495 SyncML synchronization doesn't work with PPC new defect normal Plugin: syncml
#500 syncml-http-server hangs with "Received unwanted status reply" new defect normal Plugin: syncml
#501 Sync hangs with Nokia 6680 new defect normal Plugin: syncml
#503 Nokia 9500 _lots_ of errors during sync, maybe a bug or incompatibility new defect high Plugin: evolution
#508 ldap-plugin fails on creating new entries new defect high Plugin: others
#510 evo2-sync fails with MS exchange new defect normal Plugin: evolution
#534 Google Contact Sync Plugin Through XMPP and Google Talk new enhancement normal Plugin: google
#561 syncml over http with Nokia 6070 does not work new defect normal Plugin: syncml
#579 msync hangs after sync Ubunto 7.10 gutsy Evolution with Nokia N73 new defect high osynctool/msynctool
#581 Add plugin for squirrelmail new enhancement low Plugin: others
#671 [PATCH] libopensync-plugin-synce-0.22 does not configure on gentoo new defect normal Plugin: synce
#308 msynctool stalls on syncing reopened defect high Plugin: google
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