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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#478 Error deleting item from google? new defect normal Plugin: google
#402 GUI apps lack a configuration field for the --wait option new defect normal KitchenSync
#479 Google calendar trying to sync contacts new defect normal Plugin: google
#494 Google: 401 Token invalid reopened defect normal Plugin: google
#743 KDEPIM4 new enhancement high Plugin: kdepim
#1131 The python plugin crashes in get_changeinfo() new defect normal OpenSync: Python Wrapper
#949 _ListWrapper does not allow for __index__ or slicing new defect normal OpenSync 0.40 OpenSync: Python Wrapper
#556 conflict syncing with google calendar because of timezone new defect normal Plugin: google
#711 conflict windows displays no contents new defect normal KitchenSync
#737 failed sync when standard resource of kdepim is an dimap account (groupware) new defect high Plugin: kdepim
#550 google-cal-helper exit abnormally on sync new defect normal Plugin: google
#750 google-calendar-plugin can't find 'xpathAttributes', perpetually freezes sync (0.22) new defect normal Plugin: google
#468 kdepim and nokia 9300 duplicate all entrys new task normal Plugin: kdepim
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