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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Component
#14 Internationalization new dgollub enhancement OpenSync 0.42 OpenSync
#96 Add install documentation to README or INSTALL files assigned tuju defect OpenSync 0.40 OpenSync: API Documentation
#130 Sync all evo calendars at once assigned abauer enhancement Plugin: evolution
#137 Please, enhace the file plugin to use ssh and ftp assigned abauer enhancement Plugin: file
#173 Add support for perl plugins new enhancement Plugin: others
#208 kdepim should allow control over which resources are synchronised assigned abauer enhancement Plugin: kdepim
#424 Change from address for trac tickets assigned tuju task Webpage
#456 Ability to sync Kontact Categories into Nokia Groups new cstender enhancement Plugin Format: vformat 0.40 Format Plugin: vformat: contact
#474 Unable to tell OpenSync to not sync (and delete) events older than x days to a phone new enhancement OpenSync 0.42 OpenSync
#581 Add plugin for squirrelmail new abauer enhancement Plugin: others
#656 Add support for X-EPOCAGENDAENTRYTYPE new cstender enhancement Format Plugin: vformat: event
#676 GPE should use DNS-SD new Graham Cobb enhancement Plugin: gpe
#729 file-sync does not sync recursively new dgollub defect Plugin: file
#760 Add capabilities support for gnokii-sync new dgollub task Plugin: gnokii
#881 [TRIVIAL] Duplicate resolution question could be more preceise new dgollub enhancement osynctool/msynctool
#896 Add option --listtypes new dgollub defect osynctool/msynctool
#989 Check if xmlDOMWrapAdoptNode in OpenSync merger could be replaced new bricks task OpenSync
#1045 rename the whole plugin 'file' --> 'dir' because it is misleading new dgollub task Plugin: file
#1077 mozilla-sync should support Thunderbird 3 / Lightning 1 new henrik enhancement Plugin: mozilla
#1156 Wrong objformat is reported during sync new dgollub defect OpenSync 0.40 OpenSync: Engine
#1171 [PATCH] vformat to compile on Windows new henrik enhancement Plugin Format: vformat 0.40 Format Plugin: vformat
#1189 Support different versions of plugins new dgollub enhancement OpenSync: Plugin API
#1445 kdepim-sync opensync 0.40 Assertion "capsformat" failed new dgollub defect OpenSync 0.40 OpenSync
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