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#953 [NEEDINFO] Introduce objtype "calendar" and object formats "vcalendar"/"icalendar" (was: OSyncPluginResource handled mixed-objtype resources) new task high
#1003 infinite loop when trying to sync with syncml-obex-client new defect high
#1013 Separate static and dynamic parts of plugin/member configuration new dgollub enhancement high OpenSync 0.40
#951 syncml plugin: Error messages should include the error code new bellmich enhancement normal
#952 syncml: Error messages should be sanitized new bellmich enhancement normal
#959 syncml-obex-client had an error: An internal I/O error occured new bellmich defect normal
#1014 Plugins to offer (internationalized) documentation to be used by frontends new henrik enhancement normal
#1035 file-sync object-format is not deterministic new defect normal
#1094 [PATCH] FindLibXml2.cmake fails if pkg-config file not found assigned bricks defect normal
#1165 API call to indicate that the next sync of the group should be slow new dgollub defect normal
#1166 osync_engine_abort should unlock group new dgollub defect normal
#1167 syncml-obex-client to ignore disconnect on abort new dgollub defect normal
#1174 segfault in destroy_file caused by osync_objformat_destroy in osync_converter_invoke new dgollub defect normal OpenSync 0.40
#1186 All vformat tests are failing new cstender defect normal Plugin Format: vformat 0.40
#1187 all syncml plugin tests are failing new bellmich defect normal
#1188 [NEEDINFO] engine_sync_read_write_stress: Test timeout new dgollub defect normal OpenSync 0.40
#1077 mozilla-sync should support Thunderbird 3 / Lightning 1 new henrik enhancement low
#1171 [PATCH] vformat to compile on Windows new henrik enhancement low Plugin Format: vformat 0.40
#1189 Support different versions of plugins new dgollub enhancement low
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