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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#998 Port to 0.3x API new andrewb task high
#792 Finalize the kdepim-plugin porting for changed trunk new tokoe task normal
#815 OpenSync does not check plugin format capabilities new dgollub task normal OpenSync 0.40
#886 rename the trunk plugins directory and plugins itself new bricks defect normal OpenSync 0.41
#888 Rename the google-calendar plugin to plain google new savago defect normal
#891 rename plugin evo2-sync to 'evolution' new dfriedrich defect normal
#881 [TRIVIAL] Duplicate resolution question could be more preceise new dgollub enhancement low
#896 Add option --listtypes new dgollub defect low
#1045 rename the whole plugin 'file' --> 'dir' because it is misleading new dgollub task low
#853 vconvert does not allow switching cli flag order (GNU does) new dgollub defect lowest OpenSync 0.42
#963 Port to 0.3x API new tuju defect lowest
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