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#289 modification: ignore spaces in phone numbers assigned dfriedrich defect normal
#434 evolution2 plugin hangs assigned pmarat defect normal
#446 opie address book mostly dupes afteer sync assigned paule defect normal
#771 Unable to sync with Nokia E65 (software 2.0633.65.01) assigned bellmich defect normal
#1078 syncing syncml / kdepim simply blocks and does nothing assigned bellmich defect high
#465 syncml doesn't syncwith 3 nokia phones new dgollub defect normal
#508 ldap-plugin fails on creating new entries new abauer defect high
#579 msync hangs after sync Ubunto 7.10 gutsy Evolution with Nokia N73 new abauer defect high
#618 evo2-sync had an error while connecting: Unable to open anything new dfriedrich defect highest
#643 Write unittest for OSyncMappingEngine (was: Assertion "mapping_entry" in opensync_mapping_engine.c:66 fails) new dgollub task high OpenSync 0.40
#654 remove attributes of xml format new dfriedrich defect high
#944 engine error unit: ipc/opensync_queue.c:799:E:osync_queue_connect: Assertion "queue->connected == FALSE" failed new dgollub defect normal OpenSync 0.40
#981 [TRIVIAL][testsuite] tests/sync-tests/check_multisync.c unported/disabled new ianmartin task normal OpenSync 0.40
#1126 Possible insufficient lib-version-checking new dgollub defect normal
#1134 plugin compileable but has undefined symbol at runtime new dgollub defect normal
#1135 msynctool --sync nokia-evo new dgollub defect normal
#1175 Main sink connect failure should stop sync new dgollub task normal OpenSync 0.40
#1193 Sync failed with Nokia N70: Internal server error (0x50) (SVN-Revision 5963) new dgollub defect normal
#1215 CRITICAL **: sml_data_sync_change_item_get_action: assertion `SML_IS_DATA_SYNC_CHANGE_ITEM (self)' failed new dgollub defect normal
#1239 otosync.OpenSyncError: Error in phone command 'AT+CSCS="8859-1" new andrewb defect normal
#1264 evo2 plugin X-EVOLUTION-FILE-AS new tuju defect high OpenSync 0.40
#1270 syncml-obex-client: too short timeout new bellmich defect normal
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