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#1267 SyncML: ERROR: Unknown changetype, won't commit any changes to the phone new dgollub defect highest Plugin: SyncML 0.40
#387 Opensync reports an "no node at all" with nokia 3230, 6670 and 7610 reopened dgollub defect high
#920 doxygen API docs in HTML needs better layout new dgollub defect high
#932 Public API 0.40 review for opensync/engine new dgollub task high OpenSync 0.40
#953 [NEEDINFO] Introduce objtype "calendar" and object formats "vcalendar"/"icalendar" (was: OSyncPluginResource handled mixed-objtype resources) new task high
#1003 infinite loop when trying to sync with syncml-obex-client new defect high
#1013 Separate static and dynamic parts of plugin/member configuration new dgollub enhancement high OpenSync 0.40
#1053 Encoding/Conversion fails when non-ASCII characters are used in any field of contacts, todos or events new dgollub defect high
#1192 [Regression] Converter Bug XMLFormat validation failed. new dgollub defect high OpenSync 0.40
#1196 [TRIVIAL] Implement OSyncCapability Parameter new dgollub task high OpenSync 0.40
#1197 [TRIVIAL] Implement OSyncCapability Type in XML parser/assembler new dgollub task high OpenSync 0.40
#815 OpenSync does not check plugin format capabilities new dgollub task normal OpenSync 0.40
#895 osync_updater_process_and_block crash on freebsd new dgollub defect normal
#1027 [NEEDINFO] xmlformat/opensync_xmlformat.c:170:E:osync_xmlformat_search_field: Assertion "xmlformat->sorted" failed new cstender defect normal Plugin Format: vformat 0.40
#1040 [testsuite][PROFILING] engine_sync_stress & engine_sync_read_write_stress doesn't complete in 30 seconds reopened dgollub defect normal OpenSync 0.41
#1050 create proposal for new OSyncDB interface assigned bricks task normal
#1127 Sync EVO2 with Sony Ericsson v640i raise "broken pipe error" new cstender defect normal
#1219 Repeating events lost new dgollub defect normal
#1220 Supplement to ticket #1218: timezone also lost when syncing Palm <-> Evolution new tuju defect normal
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