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#251 feature request: Plaxo plugin assigned abauer enhancement normal
#376 Groupdav sync port from the multisync plugin wanted. new abauer enhancement normal
#402 GUI apps lack a configuration field for the --wait option new ehabkost defect normal
#450 Opie sync fails trying to write data back to device assigned paule defect normal
#619 osync_hashtable_assert_loaded: Hashtable not loaded yet new dgollub defect normal
#701 osynctool stalls if opensync couldn't find the osplugin new dgollub defect normal
#707 0.22 evolution2 plugin does not build with GNOME 2.22 new dfriedrich defect normal
#1011 ActiveConnection should be removed new dgollub defect normal OpenSync 0.40
#1060 vformat produces bad error message if more than one vevent in a file new cstender defect normal
#1114 Wrong error handling in osync_try_malloc0 new dgollub defect normal
#1203 Do not add "AND NOT PKG_CONFIG_FOUND" in cmake modules new bricks defect normal OpenSync 0.40
#14 Internationalization new dgollub enhancement low OpenSync 0.42
#96 Add install documentation to README or INSTALL files assigned tuju defect low OpenSync 0.40
#130 Sync all evo calendars at once assigned abauer enhancement low
#137 Please, enhace the file plugin to use ssh and ftp assigned abauer enhancement low
#729 file-sync does not sync recursively new dgollub defect low
#896 Add option --listtypes new dgollub defect low
#989 Check if xmlDOMWrapAdoptNode in OpenSync merger could be replaced new bricks task low
#1077 mozilla-sync should support Thunderbird 3 / Lightning 1 new henrik enhancement low
#1189 Support different versions of plugins new dgollub enhancement low
#78 Implement a hashing function for get_info information assigned abauer enhancement lowest
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