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Ticket Summary Version Status Owner Type Priority
#137 Please, enhace the file plugin to use ssh and ftp assigned abauer enhancement low
#202 vformat: kdepim-plugin should synchronize journal entries new cstender enhancement normal
#251 feature request: Plaxo plugin assigned abauer enhancement normal
#376 Groupdav sync port from the multisync plugin wanted. new abauer enhancement normal
#402 GUI apps lack a configuration field for the --wait option new ehabkost defect normal
#424 Change from address for trac tickets assigned tuju task low
#462 add workarounds for all-day-events in vcalendar new cstender defect normal
#647 plugin install in independent dirs new dgollub enhancement normal
#654 remove attributes of xml format new dfriedrich defect high
#675 XML formats do not distinguish between voice and fax numbers new cstender defect high
#691 IrMC: fix changetype detection new cstender task normal
#706 opensync should have some icon new dgollub enhancement normal
#709 OpenSync is cool, but PR is bad - fix this! new dgollub task normal
#711 conflict windows displays no contents new ehabkost defect normal
#726 syncml-http-server fails for se w950i (continiue #121) new bellmich defect normal
#743 KDEPIM4 new ehabkost enhancement high
#837 IrMC: fix and test the synchronization of events and/or todos new cstender task normal
#838 IrMC: port plugin to new OSyncPluginConfig and make use of a main sink new cstender task normal
#839 vformat: finish recurrence rule support new cstender task normal
#841 vformat: finish valarm support new cstender task normal
#842 vformat: finish timezone support new cstender task normal
#893 Windows Port of OpenSync new friedrich.beckmann enhancement normal
#912 SyncML 1.1 vs SyncML 1.2 new dgollub defect normal
#945 trac 0.11.2 update has major perforamnce regression new dgollub defect normal
#1073 i would like to set a bounty or hire an developer to fix, improve and innovate assigned dgollub task normal
#1141 CalDAV plugin new dgollub enhancement normal
#1162 E:osync_capabilities_set_format: Assertion "capsformat" failed new dgollub defect normal
#1262 ldap-sync dn new tuju enhancement normal
#1264 evo2 plugin X-EVOLUTION-FILE-AS new tuju defect high
#1266 Non xml chars break plugin_config in Resource tag Name new dgollub defect normal
#1445 kdepim-sync opensync 0.40 Assertion "capsformat" failed new dgollub defect low
#1446 kdepim-sync opensync 0.40 category filter is broken new dgollub defect normal
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