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#96 Add install documentation to README or INSTALL files assigned tuju defect low OpenSync 0.40
#289 modification: ignore spaces in phone numbers assigned dfriedrich defect normal
#361 Converting ALARM between iCalendar and vCalendar (was: Alarm notification not synchronized from Evo to SyncML) new cstender defect normal
#533 bug reading phone book entries where the entry's name contains a \n reopened andrewb defect normal
#562 [DEPENS] at+mode=2 stops the cell from reacting any more assigned andrewb defect normal
#564 [DEPENS] opensync_serializer.c:41:E:osync_marshal_data: Assertion "data" failed reopened andrewb defect normal
#590 Schemas validity error (StatusValue is not allowed to be 'NEEDS ACTION') new cstender defect normal
#608 member2 deletion is not applied to member 1 new dgollub defect normal
#627 syncml-obex-client had an error: There are no valid USB interfaces new dgollub defect normal
#639 [DEPENS] moto-sync scrambles event descriptions and locations assigned andrewb defect normal
#644 kdepim-sync does not write formatted name (FN) corretly (using irmc-sync at other end) new cstender defect normal Plugin Format: vformat 0.40
#655 palm-sync fails with segfault in libpisock's pack_Address() new dgollub defect normal
#666 SE W800i and syncml-obex-client: "Unable to commit change" syncing entry with photo new defect normal
#681 [NEEDINFO] Unnecessary merge conflicts (Nokia E51, syncml-obex-client+evo2-sync) new dfriedrich defect normal
#683 element Url: Schemas validity error : Element 'Url', attribute 'Location': The attribute 'Location' is not allowed. assigned cstender defect normal Plugin Format: vformat 0.40
#684 [NEEDINFO] element Count: Schemas validity error : Element 'Count': This element is not expected. Expected is ( Frequency ). assigned cstender defect normal
#685 element Completed: Schemas validity error : Element 'Completed': This element is not expected. Expected is one of ( Comment, Contact, Created, DateCalendarCreated, DateEnd, DateStarted ). assigned cstender defect normal
#686 element AlarmAttach: Schemas validity error : Element 'AlarmAttach': Character content other than whitespace is not allowed because the content type is 'element-only'. assigned cstender defect normal
#687 [TRIVIAL] testsuite does not clean up $TMPDIR/testbed.* directories new defect normal
#692 'event' instead of 'Event' lines 1406 and 1559 new savago defect normal
#701 osynctool stalls if opensync couldn't find the osplugin new dgollub defect normal
#705 Spurious conflicts with a PalmOS 4 device (makes syncing with device impossible) new dgollub defect normal
#724 [NEEDINFO] msynctool will hang after successful synchronization new dgollub defect high
#729 file-sync does not sync recursively new dgollub defect low
#733 at_command tag is not documented new bellmich defect normal
#845 Schemas validity error : Element 'connection': Expected is one of (AdvancedOptions, Authentication, Connection, .. new dgollub defect normal
#853 vconvert does not allow switching cli flag order (GNU does) new dgollub defect lowest OpenSync 0.42
#863 Pirelli DP-L10 unsupported new dgollub defect normal
#886 rename the trunk plugins directory and plugins itself new bricks defect normal OpenSync 0.41
#888 Rename the google-calendar plugin to plain google new savago defect normal
#891 rename plugin evo2-sync to 'evolution' new dfriedrich defect normal
#895 osync_updater_process_and_block crash on freebsd new dgollub defect normal
#896 Add option --listtypes new dgollub defect low
#903 IPC test fail on FreeBSD new dgollub defect normal
#909 GPE Plugin needs to be ported to new API assigned Graham Cobb defect normal
#911 google-calendar: mixed licenses new cdfrey defect normal
#915 find a solution to handle all day events in a common way new cstender defect normal
#920 doxygen API docs in HTML needs better layout new dgollub defect high
#944 engine error unit: ipc/opensync_queue.c:799:E:osync_queue_connect: Assertion "queue->connected == FALSE" failed new dgollub defect normal OpenSync 0.40
#946 state which file to include new bricks defect high OpenSync 0.40
#947 syncing with an empty phone addressbook shall not give an error new dgollub defect normal
#949 _ListWrapper does not allow for __index__ or slicing new ehabkost defect normal OpenSync 0.40
#954 [TRIVIAL] Cannot include opensync headers without first including opensync.h new defect normal OpenSync 0.40
#959 syncml-obex-client had an error: An internal I/O error occured new bellmich defect normal
#961 LIBGCAL_LIBRARIES not found, yet cmake does not abort new Savago defect normal
#963 Port to 0.3x API new tuju defect lowest
#965 discover segfaults when contact is disabled new savago defect normal
#968 osync_format_env_detect_objformat_full detects xmlformat-event-doc as xmlformat-contact-doc new dgollub defect normal OpenSync 0.40
#979 Sync test fails sometimes (testcase: sync_easy_conflict_abort) new dgollub defect normal OpenSync 0.40
#982 osynctool --sync commi-filesync-contact core dumps after second run new dgollub defect normal
#983 explain external functions in a plugin new tuju defect normal OpenSync 0.40
#991 Formats dont describe their capabilities new dgollub defect normal
#993 file-sync default cofniguration contains ObjType "contact" new dgollub defect high
#1002 vcard having a Photo gets only partly converted into xmlformat new cstender defect normal Plugin Format: vformat 0.40
#1003 infinite loop when trying to sync with syncml-obex-client new defect high
#1007 ERROR: Type for advanced option not set. despite minOccurs="0" new dgollub defect normal OpenSync 0.40
#1011 ActiveConnection should be removed new dgollub defect normal OpenSync 0.40
#1035 file-sync object-format is not deterministic new defect normal
#1036 [REGRESSION TESTCASE] Format detection called on deleted objects reopened dgollub defect normal OpenSync 0.40
#1040 [testsuite][PROFILING] engine_sync_stress & engine_sync_read_write_stress doesn't complete in 30 seconds reopened dgollub defect normal OpenSync 0.41
#1042 osync_time_timezone_diff calculates wrong offsets reopened defect normal
#1044 engine_init fails randomly on mac os x new dgollub defect normal
#1054 unable to sync using barry-sync new dgollub defect normal
#1055 vformat expects data to be null-terminated new cstender defect normal
#1058 vformat cannot handle CLASS:::Private new cstender defect normal
#1059 vformat cannot handle vevent20 with timezone RRULE containing WKST new cstender defect normal
#1060 vformat produces bad error message if more than one vevent in a file new cstender defect normal
#1061 Error accessing SVN using "-r {date}" new dgollub defect normal
#1063 [PATCH] Change to osync_plugin_config_get_advancedoption_value_by_name for google-calendar new savago defect normal
#1080 segfault in evo2-sync new tuju defect normal
#1094 [PATCH] FindLibXml2.cmake fails if pkg-config file not found assigned bricks defect normal
#1095 inpsize = 0 with format plugins new dgollub defect normal
#1100 Timeouts are generally too short / too strict new dgollub defect normal
#1102 [NEEDINFO] Sporadic hangs in PREPARE_WRITE stage new dgollub defect normal
#1103 [PATCH] Format "memo": ERROR: Unable to find conversion path new bricks defect normal
#1107 [PATCH] Segmentation fault with lack of permissions to write to the trace directory new dgollub defect normal
#1109 CHANGETYPE_DELETED and conflicts new dgollub defect normal
#1112 Incorrect encoding in contacts/calendars entries notes new dgollub defect normal
#1114 Wrong error handling in osync_try_malloc0 new dgollub defect normal
#1115 can't synchronice N95, unable to find the plugin"syncml-obex-client" new dgollub defect normal
#1118 Couldn't commit contact: required attribute N is missing new dgollub defect normal
#1126 Possible insufficient lib-version-checking new dgollub defect normal
#1129 syncml-http-client not configurable new dgollub defect normal
#1130 assertion dsession fails with syncml-http-server new dgollub defect normal
#1133 [PATCH] Calls to osync_format_env_register_converter() must be adjusted to changeset 5671. new dgollub defect normal
#1143 dell 630 archlinux nokia e51 new dgollub defect normal
#1150 Cast from long long int to int in archive new bricks defect normal OpenSync 0.40
#1156 Wrong objformat is reported during sync new dgollub defect low OpenSync 0.40
#1158 can't compile libopensync-plugin-syncml-0.39 new dgollub defect normal
#14 Internationalization new dgollub enhancement low OpenSync 0.42
#78 Implement a hashing function for get_info information assigned abauer enhancement lowest
#130 Sync all evo calendars at once assigned abauer enhancement low
#173 Add support for perl plugins new enhancement low
#208 kdepim should allow control over which resources are synchronised assigned abauer enhancement low
#284 Add synchronisation with Thunderbird/Lighting new henrik enhancement normal
#321 Handle nested vCards in AGENT field new dgollub enhancement normal OpenSync 0.42
#456 Ability to sync Kontact Categories into Nokia Groups new cstender enhancement low Plugin Format: vformat 0.40
#474 Unable to tell OpenSync to not sync (and delete) events older than x days to a phone new enhancement low OpenSync 0.42
#492 Option to merge/customize conflicting records new enhancement high OpenSync 0.41
#493 Add support for backing up entire device new abauer enhancement lowest
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