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#953 [NEEDINFO] Introduce objtype "calendar" and object formats "vcalendar"/"icalendar" (was: OSyncPluginResource handled mixed-objtype resources) Format Plugin: vformat 0.38 task critical new 12/02/08
#724 [NEEDINFO] msynctool will hang after successful synchronization OpenSync 0.38 defect normal dgollub new 04/15/08
#681 [NEEDINFO] Unnecessary merge conflicts (Nokia E51, syncml-obex-client+evo2-sync) OpenSync 0.38 defect normal dfriedrich new 02/12/08
#684 [NEEDINFO] element Count: Schemas validity error : Element 'Count': This element is not expected. Expected is ( Frequency ). Format Plugin: vformat: event 0.38 defect normal cstender assigned 02/13/08
#1102 [NEEDINFO] Sporadic hangs in PREPARE_WRITE stage OpenSync 0.38 defect normal dgollub new 04/13/09
#1178 [NEEDINFO] osynctool: one object engine failed while mapping changes OpenSync 0.39 defect normal dgollub new 10/25/09
#884 [NEEDINFO] Adapted _new_ changes which got reported as MODIFIED to changetype ADDED when committed to counter members OpenSync: Engine 0.38 OpenSync 0.40 task normal dgollub new 11/11/08
#1188 [NEEDINFO] engine_sync_read_write_stress: Test timeout OpenSync: Testsuite 0.39 OpenSync 0.40 defect normal dgollub new 11/03/09
#1027 [NEEDINFO] xmlformat/opensync_xmlformat.c:170:E:osync_xmlformat_search_field: Assertion "xmlformat->sorted" failed Format Plugin: vformat: contact 0.39 Plugin Format: vformat 0.40 defect critical cstender new 01/11/09
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