Ticket #1069 (new enhancement)

Opened 5 years ago

create a syncml-ldap plugin that can sync contacts with a remote server

Reported by: tuxcrafter Owned by: dgollub
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Component: OpenSync Version: 0.38
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Hello everybody,

This ticket is improve the possibilities to use free/libre open source desktop applications for enterprise collaboration solutions.

I would like to see the situation that a SyncML compliant device can synchronize there contacts / addressbook with a ldap (openldap) remote server.

Currently the SyncML libs are usable to get the contacts out of the phone with both bluetooth as usb data connection.

I would like to see a new command and configuration system that can have both a GTK+ GUI and CLI interface to synchronize the acquired contacts with the remote openldap server that uses only standard ldap schemes.

So I want this system to be able to be desktop independent and MUA independent. But have the documentation and design architecture to be integrated into a MUA when this has added value.

Let me know what you all think about this.


Jelle de Jong

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