Ticket #1145 (new defect)

Opened 5 years ago

A priority is set when creating a calendar event on phone always.

Reported by: Dead1nside Owned by: dgollub
Priority: normal Milestone:
Component: Plugin: syncml Version: 0.22
Severity: normal Keywords:


I've recently started using OpenSync? to sync my calendar on my Nokia N82 and Mozilla Sunbird on Linux.

I use the following relevant components in the chain: libopensync-plugin-syncml-0.22-2.fc11.i586 , libopensync-0.22-4.fc11.i586 , libopensync-plugin-sunbird-0.22-5.fc11.i586 .

If I create an event on my phone and sync, when viewing in Sunbird the event has been given a "Highest" priority - this happens on all events created on the phone and then synchronised.

In my opinion this shouldn't be the case. I don't know whether it's fixed in trunk.

Cheers for a great product.

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