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Can't sync Nokia 2630 (syncml-obex-client)

Reported by: htgoebel Owned by: dgollub
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Component: Plugin: syncml Version: 0.39
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According to http://de.opensuse.org/OpenSync/SyncML-OBEX-Client#Nokia a Nokia 2630 can be synced using libsyncml 0.4.6.

syncml-obex-client --version 1.1 -b "$BTID" $channel --identifier "PC Suite" --sync text/x-vcard contacts --wbxml
connection with device succeeded
Received an Alert for the DS Server at contacts: Type: 201, Last 0, Next 0
Just received a new session with ID 1
Session 1 reported final. flushing

At this point the phone displays a message "Synchronization starting", but nothing happens.

No dumpinfo can be retrieved, either. Here are the infos I could get manually:

Man: Nokia                              
Mod: Nokia 2630                         
FirmwareVersion: V ?                
SoftwareVersion: V 04.90           
HardwareVersion: ?                   

ReceiveLimit: 0
MaxObjSize: 0
Connection used: OBEX Client
Identifier: PC Suite

DB Locations: contacts
DB Type: text/x-vcard
DB Slow: 0        

Bluetooth: Yes
Wbxml: Yes
SyncML Version: 1.1
SupportsNumberofChanges: ?
SupportsLargeObjects: ?


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