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[DEPENS] opensync_serializer.c:41:E:osync_marshal_data: Assertion "data" failed

Reported by: felixmoeller Owned by: andrewb
Priority: normal Milestone:
Component: Plugin: moto Version: 0.38
Severity: normal Keywords:


I do not know yet how to reproduce but I hit the "opensync_serializer.c:41:E:osync_marshal_data: Assertion "data" failed" exception quiet often with current SVN. Looking with gdb at it:

#0  0xffffe410 in __kernel_vsyscall ()
(gdb) bt
#0  0xffffe410 in __kernel_vsyscall ()
#1  0xb7d868f5 in *__GI_raise (sig=6) at ../nptl/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/raise.c:64
#2  0xb7d881e1 in *__GI_abort () at abort.c:88
#3  0xb7eb8917 in osync_marshal_data (message=0x8162448, data=0x0, error=0xb597a7a8) at opensync/ipc/opensync_serializer.c:41
#4  0xb7eb89b7 in osync_marshal_change (message=0x8162448, change=0x8164738, error=0xb597a7a8) at opensync/ipc/opensync_serializer.c:156
#5  0xb7eb9a98 in _osync_client_change_callback (change=0x8164738, data=0x8148008) at opensync/client/opensync_client.c:210
#6  0xb7e9f4c9 in osync_context_report_change (context=0x816b4f8, change=0x8164738) at opensync/opensync_context.c:146
#7  0xb78b420a in _wrap_Context_report_change (self=0x0, args=0xb78059ac) at wrapper/opensync_wrap.c:2960
#8  0xb7a8183a in PyCFunction_Call () from /usr/lib/opensync/plugins/python_module.so
#9  0xb79e0007 in PyObject_Call () from /usr/lib/opensync/plugins/python_module.so
#10 0xb7a35fe0 in PyEval_EvalFrameEx () from /usr/lib/opensync/plugins/python_module.so
#11 0xb7a393d1 in PyEval_EvalCodeEx () from /usr/lib/opensync/plugins/python_module.so
#12 0xb7a37147 in PyEval_EvalFrameEx () from /usr/lib/opensync/plugins/python_module.so
#13 0xb7a393d1 in PyEval_EvalCodeEx () from /usr/lib/opensync/plugins/python_module.so
#14 0xb7a80a10 in function_call () from /usr/lib/opensync/plugins/python_module.so
#15 0xb79e0007 in PyObject_Call () from /usr/lib/opensync/plugins/python_module.so
#16 0xb79e5e3c in instancemethod_call () from /usr/lib/opensync/plugins/python_module.so
#17 0xb79e0007 in PyObject_Call () from /usr/lib/opensync/plugins/python_module.so
#18 0xb79e1313 in call_function_tail () from /usr/lib/opensync/plugins/python_module.so
#19 0xb79e154e in PyObject_CallMethod () from /usr/lib/opensync/plugins/python_module.so
#20 0xb79df7bb in pm_call_module_method () from /usr/lib/opensync/plugins/python_module.so
#21 0xb7ea90b5 in osync_objtype_sink_get_changes (sink=0xb773306c, plugindata=0x81437f0, info=0x8141a00, ctx=0x816b4f8)
    at opensync/plugin/opensync_sink.c:264
#22 0xb7eba7d5 in _osync_client_handle_get_changes (client=0x813a258, message=<value optimized out>, error=0xb597b248)
    at opensync/client/opensync_client.c:832
#23 0xb7ebb53f in _osync_client_message_handler (message=0x8161088, user_data=0x813a258) at opensync/client/opensync_client.c:1106
#24 0xb7eb5c4e in _incoming_dispatch (source=0x813c330, callback=0, user_data=0x8138380) at opensync/ipc/opensync_queue.c:100
#25 0xb7f0d446 in g_main_context_dispatch () from /usr/lib/libglib-2.0.so.0
#26 0xb7f107e2 in ?? () from /usr/lib/libglib-2.0.so.0

I set the component to moto-sync as most of the files in the trace are python. :-(


logs.tar.gz (21.2 KB) - added by felixmoeller 7 years ago.

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Changed 7 years ago by felixmoeller

comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by andrewb

Hmm. According to that trace, moto-sync is reporting a deleted change with NULL data, which is totally correct according to my understanding of the API. Can you reproduce this with current SVN?

comment:2 Changed 7 years ago by felixmoeller

  • Status changed from new to closed
  • Resolution set to worksforme

I have been trying, but it seems like this is not reproducible any more. I will close this bug for now. Thanks.

comment:3 Changed 6 years ago by swolter

  • Status changed from closed to reopened
  • Version changed from 0.32 to 0.39
  • Resolution worksforme deleted
  • Milestone set to OpenSync 0.40

I've been able to reliably reproduce the bug using the current SVN.


#2  0xb7efed3c in osync_marshal_data (message=0x8184408, data=0x0, 
    at /srv/code/opensync/opensync/opensync/ipc/opensync_serializer.c:41
#3  0xb7efedd7 in osync_marshal_change (message=0x8184408, change=0x817de88, 
    at /srv/code/opensync/opensync/opensync/ipc/opensync_serializer.c:161
#4  0xb7ed9048 in _osync_client_change_callback (change=0x817de88, data=0x817dce0)
    at /srv/code/opensync/opensync/opensync/client/opensync_client.c:237
#5  0xb7ed2179 in osync_context_report_change (context=0x8108010, change=0x817de88)
    at /srv/code/opensync/opensync/opensync/opensync_context.c:148
#6  0xb5d39ada in _wrap_Context_report_change (self=0x0, args=0xb5ed78ec)
    at /srv/code/opensync/opensync/wrapper/opensyncPYTHON_wrap.c:2966
#7  0xb623b43a in PyCFunction_Call () from /usr/lib/libpython2.4.so.1.0

comment:4 Changed 6 years ago by tuju

  • Milestone changed from 0.40 to 0.38

comment:5 Changed 6 years ago by felixmoeller

  • Version changed from 0.39 to 0.36

the version was wrong.

comment:6 Changed 6 years ago by tuju

  • Milestone 0.38 deleted

non-core plugins wont block releases. thus milestone == NULL.

comment:7 Changed 6 years ago by tuju

  • Version changed from 0.36 to 0.38
  • Summary changed from opensync_serializer.c:41:E:osync_marshal_data: Assertion "data" failed to [DEPENS] opensync_serializer.c:41:E:osync_marshal_data: Assertion "data" failed

Python-api is broken.

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