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plugin install in independent dirs

Reported by: tso Owned by: dgollub
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allow for the install of plugins to happen in dirs other then the opensync dir.

so that one can have say a opensync dir, a kitchensync plugin dir and a syncml plugin dir.

its mostly a cmake issue, as the current cmake files for opensync force the plugins into the opensync dir without any option for user intervention (that i can find).

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comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by dgollub

The reason why cmake forces the plugin path is that the OpenSync? plugin path is currently for most frontends hardcoded. At least I'm not aware of any OpenSync? frontend which is changing the default plugin path (even if the API provides this).

I would recommend to introduce environment variable which got checked by the opensync framework, which is splitted by ":", like PATH variable and others...

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