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Syncing Nokia 7610 results in "unsupported content-type"

Reported by: martinseebach Owned by: dgollub
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Component: Plugin: syncml Version: 0.19
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When I sync the phone, I get "unsupported content-type" message on the phone, and nothing is sync'ed.

$ msynctool --sync Nokia7610
Synchronizing group "Nokia7610" 
The previous synchronization was unclean. Slow-syncing
Member 1 of type kdepim-sync just connected
received contact dsession
received event dsession
received note dsession
Member 2 of type syncml-obex-client just connected
All clients connected or error
Received an entry libkcal-414074017.509 with data of size 4 from member 1. Changetype ADDED
Member 1 of type kdepim-sync just sent all changes
Received an reply to our Alert
Received an reply to our Alert
Received an reply to our Alert
Member 2 of type syncml-obex-client just sent all changes
All clients sent changes or error
All conflicts have been reported
Member 1 of type kdepim-sync committed all changes.
$ syncml-obex-client --identifier "kdepim" --slow-sync text/x-vcard Contact --wbxml -b 00:11:9F:BB:88:5F 11 --wbxml --dumpinfo
connection with device succeeded
Received an Alert for the DS Server at Contact: Type: 206, Last , Next 20080201T183354Z
Just received a new session with ID 14
Received the DevInf
Session 14 reported final. flushing
There was an error in the session 14: No node at allSend the output below to the libsyncml developers

Mod: Catalina
FirmwareVersion: (null)
SoftwareVersion: 4.0437.4
HardwareVersion: (null)

ReceiveLimit: 0
MaxObjSize: 0
Connection used: Obex
Identifier: kdepim

DB Locations: Contact
DB Type: text/x-vcard
DB Slow: 1

Bluetooth: Yes
Wbxml: Yes
SyncML Version: 1.1
SupportsNumberofChanges: Yes
SupportsLargeObjects: Yes

Please note that the syncml-obex-client command fails, but doesn't result in the content-type error on the phone.

$ msynctool --showgroup Nokia7610
Groupname: Nokia7610
Member 1: kdepim-sync
        No Configuration found: This member has no configuration options
Member 2: syncml-obex-client
        Configuration : <config>
$ dpkg -l *sync*
| Status=Not/Installed/Config-f/Unpacked/Failed-cfg/Half-inst/t-aWait/T-pend
|/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)
||/ Name                                      Version                                   Description
ii  libopensync0                              0.19-1.2ubuntu1                           Synchronisation framework for email/pdas/and more
ii  libpisync0                                0.12.2-9ubuntu3                           synchronization library for PalmOS devices
ii  librsync1                                 0.9.7-1build1                             Library which implements the rsync remote-delta algorithm
ii  libsyncml-utils                           0.4.1-1                                   SyncML protocol library utilities
ii  libsyncml0                                0.4.1-1                                   SyncML protocol library
ii  multisync-tools                           0.91.0-4ubuntu1                           PIM Synchronization Command Line Tools
ii  opensync-plugin-file                      0.19-1                                    Opensync file plugin
ii  opensync-plugin-google-calendar           0.19-2                                    Opensync Google Calendar plugin
ii  opensync-plugin-kdepim                    0.19-1                                    KDE plugin for opensync
ii  opensync-plugin-syncml                    0.19-1                                    Opensync SyncML plugin
ii  opensyncutils                             0.19-1.2ubuntu1                           Command line utilities for libopensync
ii  rsync                                     2.6.9-5ubuntu1                            fast remote file copy program (like rcp)


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Changing to the right component.

You certainly should try with a newer opensync version 0.19 is ancient...

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