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Failing to sync calendar, deleting calendar on phone during next run

Reported by: greve Owned by: tokoe
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Component: Plugin: kdepim Version: 0.22
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(see http://www.nabble.com/kdepim-sync%3A-Sends-calendar-into-limbo-and-deletes-next-time-round-to20499273.html)

See log.txt: On the first round of synchronisation, the kdepim-sync backend reports to be storing the Calendar entries on the local computer in KDEPIM. These entries are nowhere to be found on the local machine (find does not reveal that any relevant file has changed during the sync).

The next time, kdepim-sync apparently does not find any Calendar entries on the computer, and consequently deletes them on the phone because it assumes they were removed.

I'm attaching the traces for a sample run.

In essence, this looks like two bugs:

  • kdepim-sync not noticing that it is failing to save Calendar entries
  • kdepim-sync deleting Calendar on phone when it cannot retrieve Calendar information

Note: They could be related to my using of KDE4.1, which has changed the default location of the local Contacts and Calendar files (.kde4 instead of .kde subdirectory).


log.txt (10.5 KB) - added by greve 6 years ago.
Log of two consecutive msynctool runs.
trace.tar.bz2 (61.2 KB) - added by greve 6 years ago.
Traces corresponding to log.txt

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Log of two consecutive msynctool runs.

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Traces corresponding to log.txt

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