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To get started with OpenSync you probably need:

  • OpenSync itself, the core: it is a library and does not contain any plugins or user interfaces. It is the engine for synchronization.
  • the format plugins: OpenSync converts every data into standard formats before performing the synchronization. You will require at least one of the following plugins:
    • vformat: supports vcard, vcal, iCalendar, vtodo and vnote. It is required for devices that directly provide this kind of format.
    • xmlformat: enables to handle any xml compatible data, like documents, bookmarks, notes and contacts. It is the central format for libopensync to perform changes comparison and mergers, this format is required.
    • xsltformat: XSLT is a declarative, XML-based language used for the transformation of XML documents into other XML documents. The idea of the xsltformat plugin is to convert some-3rd-party-PIM-XML to xmlformat-{contact,evnet,todo} and backwards by just writing XSLT-conversion stylesheets.
    • tomboy-note: handles Tombay notes, a desktop note-taking application for various platforms.
  • the peer plugins: there is one plugin per type of thing to synchronize (files, PDAs, smartphones, Google Calendar, whatever). Note that the version number for the OpenSync core must match that of the plugins you want to use. For instance, you can use the Evolution2's plugin 0.22 with OpenSync-0.22 but not with OpenSync-0.36 and viceversa. If you want to develop or port plugins, please see the Plugin Porting Guide.
  • some kind of user interface (UI): such as Multisync or Kitchensync for KDE. Multisync contains both a command line tool (osynctool) and a GUI written in GTK. Note that multisync versions older than 0.90 are not relying on OpenSync and won't work''

How to download and install

You can either use pre-compiled packages provided by your distribution or compile the sources by yourself. Please refer to the download page for distribution packages.

If you chose to compile the sources you will either need the latest source tarball or the a SVN snapshot. Since tarballs are not provided for each plugin and that OpenSync has undergone heavy changes in its structure, you might prefer to build the latest developer version. Please refer to the SVN instructions for doing so.

Configuration and first start


Having trouble?

In case of trouble or for some more information, please check the Documentation / FAQ / Help.