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Developer Corner

Here can be found all OpenSync developer resources.

Getting Started Coding

Build OpenSync for various platforms

Getting Started Writing Docs

For other docs, see title index devel- and trunk pages.

What's Going On

Plugin Maintainer Responsibilities

To improve the load sharing and teamwork, we have a maintainer for every major area. Maintainer's tasks include

  • code development and maintenance for API (int/external) changes.
  • bug fixing.
  • community communication for that particular area:
    • taking care of that all events (emails, tickets, patches) get eventually handled shomehow (commented, assigned, rejected), the last person who answers if nobody else didn't in within a week.
    • keep the status page up to date.
  • if the responsible maintainer is not available, he informs the backup person to take over for holiday/real-work period etc.
  • Write and maintain plugin page, using template.
  • If a plugin is listed in peer feasibility page it might not hurt to keep it up to date.

Other OpenSync Projects


Data Structure Visualization

OpenSync Plugin Data Structure