Last modified 6 years ago Last modified on 12/06/08 14:27:22

OpenSync Infrastructure Update 20081127

Due to the unplanned outage of on 20081127, we switched to an entire new platform. While doing the switch the sytem got setup from scratch and the infrastructure service updated to latest stable released versions.

Changes for users

  • most obvious change for all is trac 0.11.2
  • self-signed SSL certificate got replaced by a new self-signed SSL certificate - with more valid CN record

Changes for developers

  • SSL certificate for SVN webdav replaced by a new self-signed SSL certificate
  • SVN write permission changed! - if you used to have write-access to SVN - this got completely changed:
    • your TRAC account is now also your SVN account!
    • we need to set SVN permission from scratch!
    • if you had SVN write permission in the past, please contact one of the TRAC_ADMINs grant you SVN write-access
    • write-access are now configurable to certain SVN pathes - please apply with the information for which SVN path you want write-access
  • Some cron-jobs didn't got re-enabled yet. If you're missing any service - please contact: dgollub <AT> suse <DOT> de