Last modified 6 years ago Last modified on 12/06/08 14:28:04 outage 20081127

Unfortunately we hit on 20081127 an unplanned outage of 24h+ due to hardware issues. (In detail: either harddisk or chipset/controllers stopped working reliable.)

Luckily we were able to switch temporarily to entire new system, with the double amount of main memory (1G instead of 0.5G). This is only a temporarily solution - we plan to change the location and platform again once we have 0.40 released. Currently we discuss a new location in Finland.

The outage took 24h+ since we setup the infrastrucute on a new platform and updated all service and needed to mirage everything. Updating TRAC and using a more recent Apache took 5h of debugging due to "Document Error" clashing see:

Note for continuous build hosts admins: (CDash) was down until Saturday, 20081129 16:00 CET - in case you're surprised about missing results.

Restore results: No dataloss. All backups got restored.

Sorry for any in-convince.

Thanks goes to the entire R&D Administration Team and IS&T department at SUSE, for their quickly response on this issue and supporting the OpenSync project!

If you're missing any services - please contact the current server admin: dgollub <AT> suse <DOT> de