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OpenSync 0.36 Release Notes

Yet another E.X.P.E.R.I.M.E.N.T.A.L. release of OpenSync. This release is intended for developers, testers and for packages. OpenSync 0.3x releases aren't intended to be stable. We don't recommend this release for productive use. We don't recommend this release to be packaged as part of a distribution.

--- end of sad/scary disclamer ---


25 of 28 Unit Tests are ported and adapted for OpenSync 0.3x API. 25 of the 25 Unit Tests are passing today.

Of the 25 ported unit tests, we're running 230 testcases which covers 67.16% of our codebase of the OpenSync framework (no plugins!). Which is only the beginning.

We hit an not OpenSync related issue with 2-3 Units which running multithreaded and/or forked tests which break the used Test Framework. We already found the issue within "check" (the Test Framework) and try to fix the issue right in the root cause. Please ignore failing tests with: "check_pack.c:107: Bad message type arg" for right now. This issue appears randomly and doesn't influence you if you're not interested in running the OpenSync testsuite (but you should it's awesome!)

Changes since last release:

  • improved error handling:
    • no slowsync if connect/disconnect fails
    • proper error reporting
  • timeout handling:
    • no deadlocks if plugin get killed/fails (Error message: "Timeout.")
    • This is brand new and rarely tested, if you get an "Timeout." error,

Please open a ticket and report also when this "Timeout" happend. While connecting, disconnecting, getting changes, committing changes?

  • improved use of main sink
    • intended for object neutral actions like connecting/disconnecting others
    • no need to lock several connect requests of different sinks
  • reintroduced detectors while format conversion process
    • osync_format_env_find_path_with_detectors()
    • osync_format_env_find_path_formats_with_detectors()
  • added facilities to add format conversion configs
    • Allows to parse an individual configuration to the format converter
    • Mostly for enabling format converter extensions, tweaks, workarounds
  • lots of testsuite improvements
  • various bugfixes

I want to thank everyone who volunteered for testing OpenSync. Especially I want to thank the regular contributors of OpenSync:

  • Alban Browaeys, who fixed lots of format related testcases and reimplemented detectors and introduced the format configuration facilities.
  • Felix Möller for keeping our bug tickets clean and assign them to the correct people and component.
  • Bjoern Ricks for his help with the OpenSync Build Environment to keep it nice and shiny.

Next steps:

  • Final XMLFormat Schema breakages before 0.40:
    • N levels (childs) in the XML trees

(patchset is ready, see announcement on opensync-devel)

Example: Demerge all number which type CELL: <Telephone Type="CELL">

  • Common Plugin configuration XSD for all plugins
    • to make further update processes easier
    • to allow UI developers to write generic config parser and widgets
  • Implement update facilities to update/convert user and plugin configuration
    • Should we support updates from 0.2x to 0.4x?
  • Update the OpenSync Whitepaper (already in process)
  • Write more testcases!
  • Write API documentation (doxygen)

As you can see the todo list isn't that long anymore. And the core of OpenSync Framework is getting more stable, day by day. After breaking the XMLFormat schema and doing discovery implementation for plugins, nothing should be left to do a 0.40 release and get finally rid of 0.2x.

Release tarballs: