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OpenSync 0.38 Release Notes

Yet another E.X.P.E.R.I.M.E.N.T.A.L. release of OpenSync. This release is intended for developers, testers and for packages. OpenSync 0.3x releases aren't intended to be stable. We don't recommend this release for productive use. We don't recommend this release to be packaged as part of a distribution.

--- end of sad/scary disclamer ---

Late but no too late. We are behind our roadmap again, but the next stable version 0.40 is getting much closer. This release should contain most of all API changes until 0.40. Therefore an invocation to all plugin developers: Please start to port your plugins!

Changes since last release:

  • Many updates and fixes for the OSyncPluginConfig API
    • Introduced osync_plugin_advancedoption_get_minsize .. to set minsize and avoid min values e.g. 0
    • Added MinSize in plugin_config schema for AdvancedOption
    • Introduced osync_plugin_connection_set_type()
    • Introduce initial interface of OSyncPluginConfig "supported" flags. Details:
      • Purpose of those supported flags are to give the Frontend/UIs information which option are supported by the plugin and should be disabled. This allows to generate "smart" UIs which only show option/fields which are really supported by the plugin at all. For OSyncPluginConnection there are two supported status flags:
      1. ConnectionFlags - e.g. USB, Bluetooth, ... to generate bitmask of multiple supported connection types/transports.
      2. ConnectionOptionFlags - e.g. RFCommChannel, Port, URL, ...
    • Added a Preferred element to the Formats. Details: r3659
  • Updated example-plugin for current api
  • Reenabled plain to xmlformat-*-doc conversion
  • Made osync_assert public. Now plugin developers are able to use osync_assert instead of g_assert or assert.
  • Packaging with CPack
  • OpenSync raises an error message if a plugin cannot be loaded
  • Added sanity check for file-sync. file-sync only supports "file" format, which encapsulates the other formats.
  • Improved sorting of OSyncXMLFormat fields ( introduced osync_xmlformat_is_sorted(), ...)
  • Only active OSyncObjTypeSinks for Enabled/Activated? Resources: Ticket #817
  • Introduced Converter Cache to cache already encountered format converter paths. This should accelerate the conversion.
  • Syncml-plugin ported to OSyncPluginConfig
  • Syncml migrated to new high level API of libsyncml (thanks a lot to Michael Bell for his great work on syncml)
  • New initialize and finalize functions for format plugins to store format plugin related data, e.g. XML schemas.
  • Plugins which are migrated to 0.38:
    • file-sync
    • syncml (requires libsyncml 0.5.0)
    • google-calendar (beta)
    • tomboy-sync (beta)
    • opie-sync (?)

Project IRC Meetings

  • Start of regular IRC Meetings
  • every Thursday
  • even Calendar Weeks: 09:00 UTC
  • odd Calendar Weeks: 14:00 UTC
  • Duration: 1hour
  • Minutes get sent to opensync-devel@ mailing list (latest after 24h)
  • First meeting: 2008-11-13T09:00:00Z
  • Next minutes: dgollub
  • Channel: #opensync

Next steps:

  • Bugfixing
    • OpenSync core
    • vformat plugin
  • Finalize the limited API
  • Schema freezes
  • Finishing OpenSync Whitepaper
  • Generic XSLT format plugin
  • Porting other plugins to latest changes for 0.3X
  • Fixing python wrapper
    • We still need a python developer, who can fix it. If any volunteer read this. please send a mail to the mailing list!

Release tarballs:

Thanks to everyone for actively contributing to the OpenSync project by testing, writing code, updating tickets (special thanks to Felix Moeller) and keeping the project alive!