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General Info

OpenSync supports devices running the GPE PIM applications.

GPE is a suite of applications mainly developed for handheld devices. The supported GPE PIM applications are GPE Calendar, GPE ToDo and GPE Contacts.

Hardware Models

Although some desktop systems (such as Debian and Ubuntu systems) can run GPE, the main devices are handhelds or PDAs running one of the following operating systems:

Software Versions

All versions of GPE running gpesyncd are supported. Version-specific features or restrictions are as follows:

  • GPE Version 2.7 or earlier
    • Synchronisation of events, todos and contacts
  • GPE Version 2.8 or later
    • Synchronisation of events, todos and contacts
    • Synchronisation support for multiple calendars in GPE Calendar

Supported Data Formats

GPE Calendar

GPE Contacts supports iCalendar with the following restrictions and extensions:

  • TBS

GPE Contacts

GPE Contacts supports vCard 3.0 with the following restrictions and extensions:

  • TBS


GPE ToDo supports vTodo 2.0 with the following restrictions and extensions:

  • TBS

Accessible Data

The data types which can be accessed depend on the GPE applications installed:

Application Data
GPE Calendar Calendars, events
GPE Contacts Contacts
GPE ToDo Tasks

Data Access Methods

Data access requires communicating to the gpesyncd daemon running on the peer. Some devices may have gpesyncd installed automatically, others will require installing it explicitly.

The connection to gpesyncd is usually using TCP/IP networking, which can be over WiFi, LAN, USB or even over the wide area Internet (for example using a VPN). The following connection types are supported:

  • Local. If GPE and OpenSync are running on the same system then OpenSync can run gpesyncd locally.
  • SSH. The preferred mechanism is to use SSH from the OpenSync system to the peer device. In this case, SSH is used to run the gpesyncd daemon on the peer. This requires SSH to be configured to allow login using passphrase-less keys instead of passwords.
  • Remote. If gpesyncd is already running on the peer, OpenSync can connect directly.

The available connection types depend on the particular device. For example, local access only works if OpenSync and GPE are running on the same device (Maemo, Debian, Ubuntu all support this).

Model Specific Notes

Nokia Internet Tablets

The Nokia Internet Tablets run the Maemo operating system. The GPE PIM applications and gpesyncd are available for all devices and all software versions. OpenSync is also available to run on the tablet for some software versions.

In recent releases of GPE for Maemo, gpesyncd is automatically installed when any of the GPE PIM applications are installed, although it is not run automatically. SSH access is the preferred access mechanism.

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