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OpenSync Terminology

This page is intented for OpenSync users. For more technical oriented see the glossary.

term explanation
Akonadi Storage service for personal information management (PIM) data and meta data. See Wikipedia article.
DUN The Dial-up Networking Bluetooth Profile
group A OpenSync container to hold the members for syncing.
MAC Media Access Control. See Wikipedia article.
SyncML master
member Part of a group holding the configuration for a peer.
OBEX Abbreviation of OBject EXchange is a communications protocol that facilitates the exchange of binary objects between devices. See Wikipedia article.
peer other wording for a group member.
OMA Open Mobile Alliance. See Wikipedia article.
OMA DS OMA specification for Data Synchronization using SyncML.
OMA DM OMA specification for Device Management using SyncML.
OMA DM DDF DDF means Device Description Framework. The term is defined in ''OMA Device Management Tree and Description'' including the WBXML specification.
SyncML slave
slow-sync Synchronization mode where all group members send all entries to the syncronization master, instead of just sending the latest changes.
SyncML Synchronization Markup Language. See Wikipedia article.
Telecal Some mobiles use syncml stack made by Telecal.
WBXML WAP Binary XML (WBXML) is a binary representation of XML. Wikipedia
Wireless Village Wireless Village @wikipedia: set of specifications for mobile instant messaging and presence services. It is intended to be a standard for cellphones and mobile devices to use these services across platforms.